Monday, April 2, 2018

Baronial Polling

The polls are now arriving at some of our area members homes and should be to anyone who lives within the Sternfeld zip codes in the next few days. Please give it several days to get to you before you panic that you need a replacement.

Here are some note:

-As you know this will the first try at responses by email. The populace will have to get their MEMBER poll into the computer written or circled with their votes. Cell phone photos, scan to PDF on copiers at work or school, or regular scanners that save an image -- are all totally fine.

-Electronic comments are welcome IN the body of the email or as attachments with the name of the sender on the document (title and in the text...IE "Comments from Baroness Moira written below...").

- PLEASE title the emails "Sternfeld Poll" (And, ALL of this is ON the poll...sometimes people just don't read!)

-YOU NEED TO CHOOSE ONE OR THE OTHER METHOD TO RETURN. I will try to reply to each message to let them know it's been received as they come over by email.
Keep in mind that ALL polls need a member number and Modern name --- or they are invalid (I will not be soliciting that information.)

-send them to:

- Subject:
Sternfeld polls

- If you would like me to collect them and do a mass scan, you can hand them back to me at any fighter practice or SCA activity where you see me. I have a scanner at work that I can use for this.

- You can also use the traditional method to mail them back.

Here is a FAQ with some answers to common questions:

Please include comments on your polls. It really helps the Crown to make a decision about why a particular set of candidates is the best choice for Sternfeld.

Deadline for polls to be returned: April 21st.

In service,
Baroness Moira
Acting Seneschal

Sunday, April 1, 2018

Baronial Candidates 2018

Hello Sternfeld!

As Chronicler I wish to make the letters of intent and the Q&A session video easy to find. To that end, I have placed these as links below.

Letters of Intent

Question and Answer session

Also please find the latest issue of the star below.

March 2018 Star

From the Minister of Arts & Sciences

Your friendly local MoAS sends greetings.

 Our regional Arts and Sciences fair is fast upon us. As your new minister of arts and sciences, I am looking forward to spotlighting the artisans of our great Barony. I am hoping to build a searchable database of the various arts and sciences including EACH member of Sternfeld and listing their areas of expertise, so that others may know who to talk to about learning and that like-minded individuals can come together. To that end, I implore that you send me note of your name and all subjects you pursue, study, or dabble.

There are several active interest groups in this barony, including dance, bardic, metalworking, and sewing. If you are a member or leader of such a group, please send me updates of your meetings. I will be happy to pass them along to our Regional MoAS.

Best Regards and Happy Crafting!

Tualaith of Sternfeld

From the Chatelaine

Chatelaine Report:

Líadan  has been selected as Sternfeld's new Chatelaine! I (Meadhbh) was proud to serve as Interim Chatelaine and will now back up Líadan as Deputy Chatelaine.

We have had several new people visiting us at Fighter Practice.

Thank you to everyone who has taken time to chat with them and make them feel welcome.

Saturday, March 31, 2018

From your Baroness

Greetings at the end of a long, cold winter!

As most of you know by now, the upcoming Baronial Polling is the business of the hour. We are exceptionally pleased to have such an exceptional and dedicated set of candidates who have offered their names for consideration by the Crown, and we thank each couple personally for their willingness. We trust that our populace will deliberate over the merits of these candidates carefully, and offer their best and wisest counsel to the Crown as they submit their polls during the month of April. If anyone has any questions or concerns about the polling process, or needs help with returning their submission, we encourage them to reach out to us or to Baroness Moira in her capacity as Seneschal in order to ensure that their voices are likewise heard.

With the acquisition of new Baronial Thrones this winter, we are pondering a gracious and suitable disposition for the previous set of Baronial thrones. While not the original thrones of Sternfeld, they have served long and well and, despite damage which makes them increasingly unstable and unsafe as seating. We would welcome emails suggesting clever ways that the wood from these thrones could be repurposed, or perhaps that the thrones can be formally destroyed.

We are as always delighted to serve. This is an exciting time for Sternfeld, and we look forward to transitioning with you.

Monday, January 1, 2018

From the Baroness

Unto all to whom these missives come, greetings!

The holiday season has been hard upon us, and we revel in the chance to greet friends old and new and make merry with our populace. Sternfeld Holiday Court is upcoming on the 6th of January, and we hope to see many of you there. We will be hosting period gaming as well as a meeting of the Order of the Golden Tower, and look forward to the day greatly.

As the date of our Baronial polling draws closer, we wish to remind those who are thinking of submitting their names for consideration that time to finalize your decision draws short. The Pale announcement notifying the Known World of our intentions should be published in the February issue (due out soon), and the date set for letters of intent to be submitted formally to the Seneschal is February 11- March 17. The polling will tentatively be taking place in April, and to that end, it is our intention to schedule a Q&S session for prospective coronet couples in the last several weeks of March, in order for the populace to offer their informed counsel to Their Majesties.

This is the time of year in which we reflect on the past, and anticipate the changes of the upcoming year. We look forward to walking this road together with you all.

Yours in service,

Odile, Baronne      Úlfr, Baron

Wednesday, November 15, 2017


November 7th, I transition the office of Sternfeld Seneschal to THL Ronan, who has been my deputy since I took on the office. I feel confident that Ronan will do a wonderful job, and that the group’s care and support are behind him as he takes on his duties.

It has been a great experience to serve as Seneschal, even over such a short time. Thank you all for your trust and support. I’ll still be around – just not in an office.

Have a marvelous day!


Not being seen, but being.

Tycho Brahe

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Good people of Sternfeld,

Autumn is upon us, a season of change which puts our mind to the darkening days of the year. So, too, does the sun begin to set on our time as your Baron and Baroness. It has been a grand four years, rich with opportunities for growth and joy, and we have been privileged to share it with you all. The time has come now to begin to seek out heirs who will safeguard these lands in fief to Their Dragon Majesties when we have retired, weary with long toil, to our country estates.

To that end, we have been in communication with the Kingdom Transitions officer and begun to put in place the pieces which will be needed to conduct a polling this spring, with a hoped-for investiture (at Their Majesties’ pleasure, always) at Simple Day 2018. We will be calling for prospective candidates to place themselves into consideration in due course, but in the meantime we are happy to announce that we will be holding a Coronet Q&A session on Thursday, Oct. 26, 7:00 PM, at St. Timothy's Episcopal Church on the southside. Everyone is welcome to attend and ply us with many questions about the duties and responsibilities of this office.

Yours ever,

Odile, Baronne           Úlfr, Baron

Friday, September 22, 2017

from the Minister of Arts and Sciences

Greetings unto the Barony of Sternfeld.

My report is partly what I saw at Pennsic. I saw artisans of Sternfeld diligently working on projects.  I saw the completion of other projects, and in the middle of on going projects.  The people of Sternfeld are doing very good work.

The populace are still doing things and making things, but the big news for now are the revision of the rules for the A&S Regional Faires and the Kingdom Faire, and from soon-to-be Their Royal Majesties Cellach and Vukasin, the announcement of of a Tournament of Arts.  I believe I have post the announcements of both of these.  It is an exciting time for the Arts and Sciences of Sternfeld, and the Kingdom.

I am still planning to step down as MoAS.  A couple of people have submitted their names and have been informed of the two pollings required with the first taking place at the October staff meeting.

Thank you very much,
Breddelwyn ap Taliesin

Monday, September 18, 2017

From the Seneschal


I am pleased to announce that there is a very competent candidate for Seneschal of Sternfeld - THL Ronan Keith! Ronan has been my deputy since I stepped up, and he has been extremely active in the Barony for several years. He will be putting out additional information in the next several days, but in the meantime, please let him know if you have any questions.

Since we have one extremely qualified candidate, there will be one advisory poll for Seneschal, at the Business Meeting next week (Thursday, September 21). If you have feedback but cannot be at the meeting, please send me an email.
Have a fabulous evening!

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

From the Baroness

Good people of Sternfeld,

 Having made this announcement during our Court at Post-Pennsic Picnic in the Park Pavilion by the Pond, it is my duty to announce here as well.

The five years of His Excellency Úlfr and my time as your Baron and Baroness approaches its close, and it is our intention to secure these lands in the hands of our successors at Simple Day in the Country in the upcoming year, following a polling in the spring as duly carried out by the Middle Kingdom's officers.

 To that end, we would like to announce that any pairs of members who have an interest in placing themselves into consideration for this role deliberate well, and in the coming months make themselves known to us and to our Seneschal before the first of December.

We will be scheduling a public question-and-answer session within the next couple of months to share what information we can about the responsibilities of the job, but as always anyone is welcome to approach us privately with questions as well.

 It has been a joy and a privilege to spend four years dedicated to the service of such a remarkable, inspiring populace.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart. - Baroness Odile

Thursday, July 20, 2017

From the Seneschal - July 2017

It has been a lovely and eventful Summer so far!  Simple Day went very well, Pennsic is fast approaching and several of our own have been placed on vigil for peerages - wow!

As you enjoy continuing festivities, please do keep safety in mind:
Sunblock - use it, and re-apply it often!
Water - drink it!  Often.  Tea, coffee, sodas and ESPECIALLY alcohol do not count as hydrating you.  :)
Shoes - comfort over style and over period-appropriateness.  Wear comfy shoes with good arch and ankle support - your feet will thank you!
In more official news - I stepped up as Seneschal in February this year, and had planned to serve out a standard two-year term.  However, due to several concerns in my personal life, I am unable to give the office the attention and dedication it deserves.  Thus, with great regret, I must step down.  In order to ensure a smooth and trouble-free transition, this is the plan:

Anyone interested in taking on the office of Seneschal must contact Their Excellencies and me *via email* no later than Thursday, September 14 (i.e. no later than the week before the September Business Meeting)
Please include a brief note explaining why you are interested in taking on the office, experience you've had (inside the Society or outside) that you feel applies, and anything else you'd like the populace to know.  This information will be made available in the Star and on this blog, so that folks can be well-informed before we begin polling.
First poll will be at the September Business Meeting; second poll at the October Business Meeting.
My intent is to transition the office no later than the end of this year, but that is flexible; exact plans will be determined once a successor has been selected
If you are interested in the office but aren't sure what it entails, or have any other questions,  please chat me up any time.

I'd like to assure everyone that this decision has nothing to do with the group; Sternfeld is a great place, and I've truly enjoyed working with you all.

Yours in service and having fun - Wulfwen

from the Minister of Arts and Sciences

Greetings unto Sternfeld!

 Another month is almost through and with it will come Pennsic, and with that a number of people are working on projects in preparation for the War. I commend you all in your endeavors.

 At the beginning of this month Sternfeld hosted A Simple Day in the Country: A Faire to Remember. An Arts and Sciences competition was held: Who's the Fairest of Them All. Overall winner was HE Gavin of West Burgh. The winner of the Baronial championship was THL Sarah of Sternfeld. A hearty Hoobah! to them.

 I wish to thank, also, and recognize that there were a number of classes taught at Simple Day. From these come answers and more questions for those who wish to learn, and those who have learned what they wanted from these.  Thank you, and a hearty Hoobah! to all those who have taught.

 So ends the A&S report for this month. Thank you all who make this a better Barony.
 Breddelwyn ap Taliesin

Exchequer - July 2017

Test of this new bloggy thing. This should be interesting :)

Sunday, July 16, 2017

from the Webminister

Welcome to our new Officer report format

Greetings unto the Barony. In order to better share information and inspire greater interest amongst our populace I have created a new place for our Officers to report to the Barony, and share any musings they may wish to impart upon our populace.

Please check back regularly!